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THM Carbones

A very special rear derailleur is in testing. It´s aero and features a box shape.


Some new finishes for the product: the 12K weave seem to be very famous these days. There is the new bars too but it was already unveiled some weeks ago.


FRM has designed a brand new carbon. It´s far stiffer than standard carbon. It´s a honey structure. 
There is a new stem too. 



DT Swiss

Several manufacturers have focused on clincher carbon wheels this year. DT Swiss is among them. A new rim made in their factory in switzerland. It weights around 300g. The complete wheelset is
1250g for 3000 euros including the Ti skewers ( price to be checked). The hubs are the 190 Ceramic.



We have been at Zipp press conference. There are very interesting products:
    – Zipp 255:  the rim replaces the 250, it is the one we presented in yesterday´s article. It is 32mm deep, it is dimpled, it features a new
technology to increase the upper tube bed impact resistance of 32%. The weight is the same as the old 250. The dimples make it behave as a 50mm deep standard V shaped rim.

    – Zipp 1080: the rim is 108mm deep!!! Perfect for time trial or triathlon.

    – Zipp new crankset. We´re missing some infos but we will write a more extensive article about Zipp later.

    – The new time trial wheel: it looks like a 808 rim bonded to a carbon structure. Zipp claims it has a negative drag! It´s something like it pushes you: you can earn 5 Watts at
350W. If you remember, we already shown this wheel about a year ago…

–   Some new TT stuffs like bar extenders, shifters…


The RS:


The Michelin Pro 3 is 200g, it is 27% more adhesive than the Pro 2 while cornering. It features a vectran puncture layer.


Some pictures of Shimano wheels. Nothing new but close pictures are always interesting.

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