Lightweight 2008! [en]

The Lightweight Generation 2 have been unveiled almost one year ago. Lighter and stiffer than the previous model, the success is obvious since the shops and even the distributors are delivered sparingly.
This difficult situation will certainly last since a couple new models are being tested and will be unveiled soon. This should boost and increase the interest in these uncommon wheels.
Thus, several models are already in final test phase:

  • Lightweight Standard C, certainly a clincher version!
  • Lightweight Singlespeed, a single speed version as the name indicates
  • Lightweight Challenge 700, 700g the set of Lightweight?

If the weight of the Challenge 700 is well confirmed, there is a lot to bet some new materials are used to keep stiffness and solidity. This high-end model will konck out the competitors…
We are waiting for further technical information and an official confirmation of the clincher version. Anyway we can be sure this will be one of the most interesting topic in the following weeks.

During the SparkassenCup, earl in June in Germany, racer Joerg Ludewig (Team Wiesenhof Felt)  were using a prototype laced with brand new spokes. The Kevlar, which brought softness and deformation resistance, seems to be abandonned for the highest stiffness.
Carbon-Sports confirms the spokes are not simply painted black. Are those the Challenge 700? We will have a reply in a couple of weeks at the Eurobike!

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