Eurobike 6; FSA, URSUS, American Classic, Reynolds

This article is mostly about new wheels.

First, we have seen a lot of alloy magnesium rims at the Eurobike. It seems the Magnesium is becoming the new high end material for light rims.

FSA showed a Mg rim at its stand, the wheelset is called FSA RD-440 Magnesium, the rim is medium depth and is for clincher:

Ths hubs are spinning with ceramic bearings:

The RD-440 Magensium wheelset hits the scale with 1380gr.

URSUS has got as well a Magnesium rim, it’s an alloy one that results of a very close cooperation which lasted some years with an important Faculty Of materials Engineering. The Mg in the rim is 96% of the materials composing it. For solving corrosion and wear problems, a particular coating has been used: the DELTA8®. It transforms surfaces in a complex ceramic matrix through passage of bipolar electric impulses.

The wheelset is claimed to be 1290gr with 20/24 spokes.

American Classic already had a Magnesium rim the last years with the Mag300 weighting just a bit more than 300gr for Clinchers. In 2007, the brand is coming with a tubular rim made out of Magnesium again for just 270gr. The wheelset will then be over 1105gr with 28/32 spokes.

The brand has made too a new large flange front hub. It’s for MTB and road and weights 105gr.

About Reynolds, the Attack is one of their new model, it’s a carbon clincher rim that weights 1487gr with 20/24 spokes. The rim depth is 32mm and the hubs are now the famous and super reliable DT 240s.

Reynolds comes too with a Carbon mountain bike rim. The wheelset made out of this rim is the Topo C and T for Clincher and Tubular. It’s 32mm deep, the clincher wheelset is 1588gr while the tubular version is 1352gr.

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