Zero Gravity [en]

Zero Gravity which released the limited edition of the NERD brakes earl this year ( see here), unveiled some days ago a color custom program: the Absolute Zero. Seven colours are available and each component of the brake can receive a different tint. Only the screws will remain in natural titanium. These Negative Gravity custom coloured brakes cost 649 euros, and the Zero Gravity is 695 dollars. You can also ask for a custom etching if you order at least 10 set of brakes!

Link: Absolute Zero

Ciamillo didn’t rest on his laurels regarding further developments. Indeed a new brake will be released soon: the Gravitas with carbon arms that weights only 156g per set and will cost about $US1200, per set of course! The weight save, over the negative Gravity brakes is about 40g, which represents 28% less weight. Yet the braking power is claimed higher. Time will tell.

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