Campagnolo Super Record [en]

Despite the embargo Campagnolo fixed until the 18th of June on the 2009 groupsets, which is tomorrow, some websites already published the official pictures of the Super Record 11
groupset. We take the liberty to unveil these first pictures, a couple of hours before the expected date.

The Campagnolo Super record groupset will be at the top of the italian range, just above the standard « Record ». The expected price is 2300 euros, against 2000 euros for the normal Record.
The three top range groupsets, to know Super Record, Record and Chorus, will feature an eleventh speed. The rotor width will be similar to the current 10s versions, which is pretty
good for compatibility, however, the chain will be narrower. The carbon fibre will be present on almost every parts, the ceramic and titanium will be present too on the pulley wheels and
The levers are dramatically changing shape on the whole range, they are higher and face the interior of the bars.


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