Fulcrum Racing Zero B&R [en]

Fulcrum, illegitimate Campagnolo‘s son, renews his high range wheelset. Here is the latest evolution of the Fulcrum Racing Zero. For 2008, in order to match any frame color (or almost any), a version with a black rim and red spokes is born.

Let’s remind quickly the characteristics of them:
– entirely made out of aluminium alloy
– flat rims: 26mm
        * the top bridge is not drilled to keep a high stiffness and to avoid using rim tapes
        * the material thickness is reduced between the spokes, where there is no stress to enlighten the wheels
– 16 aluminium front spokes and 21 aluminium rear spokes
    * 2:1 concept, two times more spokes on the drive side than on the opposite side to balance the spoke tensions
– cups/balls bearings a la Record
– 1465g the set

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