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The latest Lew wheels we presented more than a month ago (HERE) are finally unveiled.
They are called PRO VT-1 and weight 880gr in tubular version and 970gr in clincher version. They are crazy light, the lightest « stock » one piece wheels on themarket. The very special manufacturing process using carbon and boron was originally developped for the US Army department. It makes the most resistant and lightest wheels, claimed Paul Lew the creator.
Twice as stiff as most of the wheels twice heavier, their finish is on the other side very special and really rough. Aesthetic was not the primary objective for this set. The specification was all about performance it seems.

Front wheel Rear wheel

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The rims are 46mm deep and 20mm wide. They hit the scale with only 230gr and their shapes have been studied to be as fast as possible. The 16 front spokes and 20 rear ones are made in the same material as the rims. They are much stronger than  traditionnal stainless steel spokes according to the manufacter. The inserting process of the spokes in the rim and the hub creates no residual stress and increases the wheel  lenght of life.

Beside this advantage, the truing or tightening procedures are inexistant once the wheel has left the factory. In the case of an accident where the wheel would be damaged, the spokes can be changed separately. Just like any part of the wheel actually. It is in our opinion the biggest advantage over Lightweight wheels.
The hub design is rude, very uncommon with large flanges to hold the spokes the most. Their axles are made out of carbon, 15mm of diameter. Three flanges for the rear hub… a little like FSA on its RD-600. Both external flanges hold radial spokes while only 4 spokes laced to the center flange are tangential to the hub to transfer the torque in the best conditions.
This design allows a stiffness gain that – we hope – will be translated as ultimate performance on the road!

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Only sub 84kg cyclists are allowed to ride them in safe conditions but custom builds can be made for heavier riders. They are suitable for road, triathlon and time-trial and cost US5495.

In a few months, a few brands will share the very high range wheels market (even through ADA is far from the front of the race:

Lightweight, ADA, Mavic or Lew?

Lightweight ADA

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More information on Lew website : LewRacing
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