Post – Eurobike 2010 – Article #2: Passoni (fr|en)

Let’s continue the writing of some Eurobike related articles with, in a first time, a few pictures of the exceptionnal bikes Passoni was presenting. These are still as expensive as nice.

The italian manufacturer produces frames from the three main materials of the bicycle industry. First, the titanium that made its fame 20 years ago. Second, the steel that tends to age because of the new materials, and third the carbon that appeared recently in the range.

Force – titanium – Marchioso T800 wheels

Lightsteel – steel – Corima MCC Aéro wheels

The V-Strong crankset fit in this Lightsteelbike is made by OMC Italia. The system weights 640g and its Q-Factor is 146mm. It features a couple of proprietary processes:
– the crank arms are made from a bloc of aluminium, they are hollow and closed through a patented process
– the left side arm and the axle are made in one piece
– the chainrings and the spiderarms are also a one piece component

Nero XL – carbon/titanium – OZ Racing wheels

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