Montage/built Crono F20, Tune Mag190/Mig70, Cx-ray. [en 2]

After a request made by a racer needing a light, reliable, stiff, very strong wheelset, and beside this all black from the hubs to the tip of the ties, I assembled this set using Ambrosio Crono F20 rims linked to TUNE Mig70 and Mag190 hubs thanks to 28 front and 32 rear Cx-ray spokes. There are ties for both the front and the rear wheels.

Thus, the wheels are 17gr heavier than 1300gr and have a very versatile and agressive look at the same time!

Front wheel

The front wheel weights 590gr with its 28 Cx-ray spokes 3 times crossed and tied. The nipples used come from DT Swiss, they’re made out of a very strong aluminium.

Rear wheel

727gr for the rear wheel with 32 spokes similar to the the front wheel, they’re 3 times crossed on both sides. The nipples are the same as the ones of the front wheel.

The ties

In order to turn the ties black, an anti-rust paint has been applied on the ties. The result is pretty and the tie wire can even be invisible with many layers. However I preferred a thin layer to let the handmade side visible and to save a few grams.

The set

The set with silver ties

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The set with black ties

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Total weight 1317gr

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