Powercordz, 1st part

Powercordz is a brand recently created by Io DuPont llc. It’s a bicycle cable system made to replace the old steel cables. Available since 2005, the brand and the cables specifications are not that known.

The Powercordz cable

The Powercordz are made from Zylon fibers high modulus (PBO : p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) covered with a slick nylon outer coating. There are approximately 9000 fibers in each brake Cordz and approximately 6500 in each derailleur Cordz.

The Zylon is a very flexible material, smooth and very tensile resistant. Moisture effects are almost inexistent contrary to steel cables. The cables are very light with 2gm per meter of derailleur Cordz or 2.9gm per meter of brake Cordz. The same size of classic steel cable is close to 9 and 14gm.

The weights

13gm for 3 brake Cordz, or 4,3gm an uncut cable

42gm for 2 steel brake cables, or 21gm each uncut cable with a head at each tip

The weight save isn’t enormous but the pros are elsewhere.

The advantages

They are the lightest cables but as well the most performant and the most flexible of the market. The Powercordz do not rust or corrode. Their diameter is slightly larger than the steel cables (1.75mm for a brake Cordz against 1.5mm and 1.52mm a derailleur Cordz against 1.1mm) but they are much more tensile resistant since they can resist to 900lbs against 660lbs for the same cable made out of steel.  Meaning a 50% increase in tensile resistance. They allow quicker gear changes and better braking particularly because of the easiness to lube the cable and its housing.
A bike equipped with Powercordz kits is from 30 to 60gm lighter than the same bike with stock housings and cables. It also makes the housings and cables servicing procedures almost useless.

The housings

Special housings are available at 45gm the meter for brakes and 38.3gm for derailleurs. Made from very strong fibers, they make a stiff housing, far stiffer than the ones made by Campagnolo or Shimano.

As a comparison, they’re on the following picture close to Transfil Flying Snake housings:

The kits

Full kits contain two Powercordz cables for brakes and derailleurs, the right housing length to equip a complete bike, sets of ferrules, brake clasps, two flexible housings add-ons in case where the normal housings would not allow you to make a proper installation and a bottle of Rock ‘N’ Roll Cable magic.

The brake clasps are currently only Shimano compatible but a Campagnolo version is under development.

The clasps are currently only Shimano compatibles, a Campagnolo version is under development.

Length of life

The cables have a 3 years old length of life because the Zylon fiber strength decreases from 900lbs to 400lbs from UV and visible light. 400lbs means less tensile resistance than it’s rival made out of steel.The nylon outer coating adds protection to the Cordz and increase the Zylon fibers length of life. It’s possible to use cables for a longer time but it’s highly recommended to change it before the replacement date.
Since the replacement date is inscribed behing the pack, there won’t have any problems regarding this date.


Brakes kits are at the moment only Shimano compatibles. The heads of the brake Cordz are differents for Campagnolo. We could get thanks to Tony and Richard pre production systems to fit with Campagnolo brakes.

The test

A bike is already equipped with this system and rides perfectly since more than hundreds miles. So we will write soon an article about the pros and cons of the system.

More informations on www.powercordz.com

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