M5 and Mig45 hubs, TUNE Skyline KOM

We recently presented you the M5 hub in this new.  The first models have reached the production at the M5 factory and Karbon could already rebuild a Speedcomposites Sinus clincher rim with it.

The hub change saves 38gr over the built realized by Lars at Speedcomposites.
This is the alloy version.

We would like to thank pkent for the TUNE Skyline KOM front wheel pictures. This wheel will perfectly fit the rear one you can see here. The built have been done by Flyingball taking place in Hong Kong.

Sonic Sports Association
Website: www.sonicsports.org.hk
Photos: www.fotop.net/sonicsports
Forum: www.sonicsports.org.hk/forum

Roues Artisanales could finally get a Tune Mig45. We will use it soon for a high end built.

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