Zipp 2007, Record 2007 crankset installation guide

Zipp 2007

The Tour de France has begun since a few days and the first new parts could be spotted on the bikes.For example, CSC team has got some new Z serie wheels using the dimpled hub we once talked in this article.

These hubs will only be used on the Z series wheels since they’re very expensive to make and improve again the aero of the wheels.After varying dimple depths, densities and diameters they found the best compromise allowing a drag decrease. The logo on the hub doesn’t affect at all the aero of the wheel.

According to the test done at 30mph on 808 wheels with 21mm tubies both with dimpled hub and normal hub at Texas A&M by graduate students, the hub saves the equivalent of  3W when the wind is from 0 to 10°.

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Here are some pictures from Riis and Voigt bikes:

Official Zipp picture:

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Record 2007

The Ultra torque crankset installation guide can be found on the official Campagnolo website, have a look at it. It’s useful if you’re going to buy the new crankset.

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