Campagnolo 2007, 3rd part

It seems we were right when we published the first rumors about Campagnolo 2007 new cranksets/bottom brackets (HERE).

The latest news are coming from Fairwheelbikes forum where we can find interesting pictures:

NexusHeli, manufacturer and member on the forum tells us the specifications of this new crankset/bottom bundle Ultra torque design:

    – the internal diameter of the bottom bundle is a massive 25mm
    – the interface in the center has 20 teeth approximately 5mm deep on each side of the spindle that mesh much like two gears
    – a hollow alloy bolt holds the two sides together at 42 N.m
    – Record cranks are narrower and flat in order to keep the Q-factor the same as the current crank/bb setup.
    – Chorus cranks are nearly identical to Record but won’t be hollow, Centaur and lower range cranks go to a forged alloy arm with a concave backside, in a similar shape from the front as the carbon cranks. Centaur will be available in black.
    – this new system is 100gr lighter than the current crankset/bb setup

Here is a picture from Cyclingnews about a 2007 Mirage crankset using this new design:

About the brakes, here are the latest news he could have:

    – Record and Chorus brakes have hidden bolt forged in the center while Centaur are forged slightly different with exposed bolts.
    – Brakes are still round but the arms are hollow

The shifters are modified as said in older articles:

    – only Record shifters keep the current thumb lever to drop as many gear as wanted, others ranges will only allow you to drop a gear at once
    – the shifting action on the lever to drop gears is very short so it’s not a problem to tap the lever multiple times

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