G-Max – Corima Tubeless [en]

The Gir’s G-Max caused a lot of ink to flow. Before the press presentation, some weeks ago, Guillaume Girout and his team had received an Award
during the Eurobike. The bottom bracket setting system was well welcomed by the press and the personalities at this presentation. The frame looks good and let us think about a lot of future evolutions. Beside this, the price of the frame remains quite affordable considering it is a performant and semi-custom frame: 2290 euros in Raw Skin up to 2590 euros in colour.


Corima was one of the very first manufacturer to offer carbon tubular rims. Since a few weeks, Corima is first in manufacturing carbon tubeless rims. The hoops were unveiled the last year at the « Mondial du deux roues », and finally are available on their website at 1789 euros. They are not really weightweenies since they weight 1550g, which is 10g less than the clincher Aéro +, but the manufacturer claims a rise in efficiency because there is no lack of power due to the air tube/tire friction.
For road racing, the tubeless could be a good option for people having troubles with punctured clinchers. Yet it will remain less performant than the lighter tubular version.

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