Interbike – Final part

This is our final article about this event.
We would not like to forgive any important manufacturer pushing more or less the enveloppe so here they are.
Pictures thanks to Rasmus T. Nielsen. Gallery Interbike 2008

TAG Wheels

TAG wheels makes very special 3 and 5 spokes wheels. They have a composite structure bringing extreme strength and durability. At almost 2100g the wheelset, there only seems to have MTB
compatible versions, but the structure is worth a look as an all integrated wheel.
Hubs internals are coming from DT Swiss and Disc compatible versions are offered.




Manufacturer website: TAG wheels

Cane Creek

With its superb hubs, Cane Creek wheels confirm their beauty superiority. Although every manufacturers want lighter, stiffer, faster, Cane Creek focuses on durability, beauty and style.
We also couldn’t resist to show the gorgeous bike featured on this stand…




Manufacturer website: Cane Creek


You probably know Hüdz offers coloured hoods for lever. They now unveil a marble version if you wish to have even more special looking parts to put your hands on.

Manufacturer website: Hudz


Although the 2008 range was pretty good, Reynolds still keeps up the work and lighten further its wheels.
Two rims depth are offered in the Competition range: 46 and 32mm known as the DV46 and the MV32. The two now comes with a lightened rim using an ultralight (UL) and high modulus (HM)
unidirectionnal carbon fibre and upgraded hybrid ceramic bearings in their DT Swiss 240s hubs.
The spokings are 20 DT Aerolite radial spokes front, and 24 radial/2x crossed spokes rear. The rear wheels still come with differenciated spokes – thicker and stiffer on the weaker drive
side – for balanced stiffness.
According to Reynolds, the UL fibres help to make the braking smoother and provides 17% higher braking performances.

The DV46 T UL weights a very nice 1040g, while the clincher version comes at a 1405g.
The shallower version, MV32 is exactly 1000g, and 1325g for the clincher version.

In the Performance + range, the DV3K C and tubular versions comes in a heavier, cheaper and less performant 3K fiber. Their hubs are also standard DT Swiss 240s, with steel bearings.
Weights are still good: 1245g in tubular version, and 1500g in clinchers.




Manufacturer website: Reynolds


Bicycle manufacturer Easton upgrades its top range hand built wheels with the R4SL hub. It has lightened internals and hybrid ceramic bearings saving 36g over the normal R4 hubs.
The aluminium rims of the EA90 SLX wheels are lighter and better too thanks to a new extrusion.




Manufacturer website: Easton


Hed still focused on aerodynamic. Steve claims wider rims come with lower drag as long as the rim or disc shape is well designed. He certainly is right, and his whole wheel range now have
23mm wide rims.
More informations on Cyclingnews

Manufacturer website: HED

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