Eurobike, the most special bikes

Eurobike ’08 was really good. Since a few years, the trend was all about making lighter and lighter components, improving ergonomy, without sacrificing the reliability. It seems like the
limits have been reached with the current standards and the manufacturers needed to evoluate in a different manner.
The new trends are about making easier the cyclists’ tasks (i.e the new Shimano electric), and more than all, making the bicycles as beautiful as possible. A lot of manufacturers tend to
offer more colors, more custom components and that’s a very good thing.

From the hundreds booth, only a couple of bikes were over the pack and we thought they deserved a feature. From these couple of bikes, we only selected two: Stefan Behrens’ Parlee, and
Alejandro Valverde’s Pinarello Prince.

Carbon-Sports, Stefan Behrens’ Parlee

Stefan Behrens had his custom Parlee repainted. The bike is special in several ways, it is entirely airbrushed: the frame of course, but every single components are painted in
a blood system theme! The crankset actually is the hearth of the bike, the veins are running on each part of the bike and even end up on the brake pad holders!
The amount of work involved here is phenomenal and Stefan could even not say how many hours were necessary by the airbrusher to make the whole bike.
The bike is probably the one which required the most work.
Enjoy the pictures.

Alejandro’s Pinarello Prince

Spanish champion Valverde‘s bike was featured on Pinarello‘s stand. Custom painted Prince frame to the spanish colors, it also seemed to involve a high amount of work: painted
bar/stem combo, painted brakes, Alejandro’s signature, well matched colors, it was the nicest Pinarello of the booth.

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