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Spanish manufacturer is elarging the family for his 2009 range. Unhappy to offer stems, bottom brackets, and well designed cranksets, Rotor is hitting the chain and seatpost market while
his stem offer gets bigger too. Carlos Sastre won the Tour de France with the oval chainrings, which suggest a lot about their performances

Rotor SX stem

The SX stem has been designed for freeride and enduro use, it receives a 4 bolts face plate, against only 2 bolts for the S1 stem, the standard road version. This newest component will be
available from 70 to 130mm, it is obviously reversible, its angle with the fork steering tube is 2.5°, against 7.5° for the S1. The face plate will come either in red, either in black. The
weight will be 113g, and the price is to be expected at 139,9 euros.

Rotor SP1 seatpost

We have a very little information about this seatpost. It will come in 27.2 and 31.6mm, in red/black color, and the length will be 350mm.


A chain range, made by YBN is coming, both for MTB and road use. Three models for road, and four models for mountain bike are unveiled. They are coming with a « quick release » pin or a
standard closing pin.

Model Weight Compatibility Finish Price
SL 101-Ti 240g 10v Titanium-gold 59,99 euros
SL 100CR 249g 10v Silver chromium 44,99 euros
SH 10CR 260g 10v Silver chromium 29,99 euros
SL 901-Ti 248g 9v Titanium-gold 54,99 euros
SL900CR 256g 9v Silver chromium 35,99 euros
SH 9CR 270g 9v Silver chromium 24,99 euros
SHR 9B (anti-rust) 270g 9v Grey 19,99 euros

Manufacturer website:


The design is very special. The look of this saddle, claimed as a revolutionnary product, since it is far more comfortable than a standard saddle, is one of the
ugliest thing we could see since the last few years. Well, the purpose of this design is not to be beautiful, but functionnal, and it is said this saddle would ensure hours of biking
without any pain!

We are waiting for a test sample in a couple of days and will keep you updated about the ergonomy of this animal.

There are basically two ranges of ISM saddles, beside a standard version: the Sport model.
Well the Adamo Racing saddles are 280g, it is the high range. The mid range we will be lucky to test ride, will be 320g, it is named Adamo Road
Regarding the budget, the ISM saddles cost between 49,95 euros and 124,95 euros with a step at 84,95 euros for the mid-range.

More information: ISM France


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