Campagnolo 2009 – The wheels

Here is the last article about the Campagnolo 2009 news.
We unveiled into the details the 11s groupsets and the gorgeous Super Record a few days ago, now let’s see what the italian manufacturer has developped regarding the wheels.


First of all, the two high range aluminium wheels feature the Two-way Fit technology: they accept both the clincher and tubeless tires. According to Campagnolo, there are a lot of
advantages. Beside slowing down the loss of pressure in case of puncture, it eliminates the risk of pinch puncture, and it reduces significantly the rolling resistance.
Thus, in the italian laboratory, the high range wheel equipped with a tubeless tire, stopped after 210m from an initial speed of 40km/hn while the clincher version stopped after only
The conditions of the test are not exactly specified but it tells a lot about the rolling resistance difference.

The Shamal and Eurus 2009 wheels feature this new technology. Technically speaking, the rim is obviously not drilled, and the valve drilling received an appendix to prevent the pressure
loss in case of Tubeless tire. Only the tubeless made by the french manufacturer Hutchinson are guaranteed compatible.

The Shamal Ultra Two-way fit weight 1450g and the Eurus Two-way 1550g. Basically, there is no difference, regarding the spokes and hubs, with the current 2008 versions.

Bora/Hyperon Ultra two

The high range wheels do not receive dramatic modifications. Campagnolo is coming back to ceramic bearings here and the name is different: the Bora Ultra is now the Bora Ultra two.
The name change is similar for the Hyperon. The ceramic bearings of these wheels feature the CULT technology as the 2009 high range cranksets bearings. The bearings races are very
hard, the balls are in ceramic, there is a very little, or no grease at all, and there is no seal to reduce the friction as much as possible.

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