Counterfeit Chris King headsets

Several retailers have discovered that currently there are counterfeit Chris King headsets in circulation. The fakes are quite good and for the unsuspecting buyer not immediately distinguishable from the real thing. However, once made aware of the fact, and after closer inspection, it shouldn’t be too difficult to tell the difference.

Original: headset top cap is smoothly machined and is finished to a high quality polish. There’s also a small bevel on the inside of the lettering.
Fake: headset top cap lacks smoothness and is dull in appearance. Instead of the bevel there’s a white circular line on the inside of the lettering. The supplied bolt isn’t made out of stainless steel and will rust. Note the rubber cover that’s placed over the bolt head.



Original: crown race is machined from stainless steel and is polished smooth. The color of the metal also has as slight warm tone to it.
Fake: crown race is made from aluminum and is much lighter in weight. Note the clearly larger beveled seating lip for the bearings. 



Original: custom stainless steel bearings. Seals are secured with a metal colored circlip.
Fake: cheap generic bearings with red seals that can be pressed out of the cups relatively easily.



Fake: a complete view of all the components. Note the additional parts compared to the original headset further below.



Original: everything is made in USA according to the highest quality standard. The individual parts fit together with surgical precision. Included is also a detailed installation manual with full specification and 10 years warranty.


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