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We stock a large variety of nipples to fit every rims. The nipples come from the biggest manufactures such as Sapim, DT Swiss, Pillar or American Classic.
The nipples are among the most critical components for the wheel life. They must be selected with care.
For your custom builds, we can use the color you wish.

There are a lot of differents nipples, here are some tips:

External nipples
* Square or hex head
* Aluminium or brass
* 12 or 14mm 
* Colors: black, silver, red, blue, gold
* Weight: from 0,3g to 0,9g
* Options S.I.L.S or Pro Lock (depends on the manufacturer) to keep the nipple in place. We use a special thread lock for the nipples which do not have such a system
* Option American Classic nipple: the thread and the square

shape of the nipple is continued past the standard tip of the nipple. With the spoke tension, the nipple is pulled and pushed instead of the single pulling strength. This reduces the
nipple failures.
Internal hidden nipple
* Self alignement hex nipple or traditionnal square head nipple with no notch
* Aluminium, 9mm or 12mm
* Color: silver
* Particularly adapted for high profile carbon rims
* 0,3g
The standard alloy nipples or alloy self alignement nipples are included in the price of the wheelbuilding.
Square head coloured nipples are upcharged: +0,5 euros/each, American Classic nipples: +0,8 euros/each.  


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